Letter — Sujata made the difference

To the editor;

I am writing this letter in support of Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox.

Several weeks ago, I was walking in my neighborhood with a great friend. As we walked past my house, she noticed the campaign signs on my front lawn. She was familiar with my politics and knew the Biden/Harris sign, but asked after the Sujata one. She was unfamiliar with this candidate.

I told her that Sujata was an assistant professor at Quinnipiac and that she was a Fulbright scholar. I told her of Sujata’s positions on debt-free public education and her ‘Honor Roll’ rating from the CEA, of which I am a member. I told her about how Trumbull’s share of state education dollars has decreased for many years under our current representative and how her plan to raise taxes on billionaires by eliminating the carried interest loophole would benefit us all.

Sujata believes in keeping the promises made to teachers, police officers, firefighters and all the state employees by fully funding the state pension. We chatted and continued walking. I didn’t give our chat another thought until about a week later, there was a Sujata sign on my neighbor’s lawn. I would like to think that I made that little bit of difference, but I know Sujata did.

Jennifer G. Winschel