Letter — Sujata has always stepped up

To the editor:

I am writing to express my support for Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox as a candidate for the 123rd District in the Connecticut General Assembly.

I have known Sujata for the past four years. Her young daughters attend the same elementary school my kids attend and I have gotten to better know her and her family at multiple PTA-led school events over the years.

I am a past PTA president and when I have asked for volunteers, Sujata has stepped up. And I know she will also step up for Trumbull at the state level.

Sujata supports education for all. While she is a professor at Quinnipiac University and teaches constitutional law, she has also found time to come and talk with her daughter’s elementary school class about how the Constitution is relevant in their lives, too. She is smart, kind, and ethical. She knows how to engage others in conversation and listen to all sides of a story to make the best plan to move forward.

In Trumbull, parents advocate for continued support for our schools and teachers. In order to continue the high quality education for our children, Hartford, and especially our own state officials, need to do the same for our schools. They need a connection to the families who are in the middle of rearing their children in this current environment filled with tension, fear, and chaos, especially in this time of COVID.

Families are working hard to make ends meet and give their kids the education they deserve. Sujata will protect the strength of our schools in Trumbull. She pledges to work to ensure that Trumbull gets its fair share of state funding, to reverse the trend of Trumbull losing Education Cost sharing funding each year. She also will work to enact legislation to create a separate town-state fund that would pay for standing costs like special education mandates and urgent, unexpected costs like the fight against COVID-19, which have decimated school budgets throughout the state.

I know Sujata will do all she can to vote for state budgets that keep education in the forefront and supported. This is what I’m looking for in an official who represents my family and me.

Ruth Fontilla