Letter — Sujata effects change

To the editor;

It is with great honor and tremendous pride that I write this letter endorsing Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox’s candidacy for Trumbull state representative of the 123rd District.

I have known Sujata since 2014, my freshman year at Quinnipiac University. When we first met, Sujata was my faculty advisor and professor for our Mock Trial club and class. It was Sujata who took me, and countless others, under her wing and guided me to a career I was most passionate about. Now, six years later, I am less than a year away from graduating law school.

More than that though, it is Sujata’s work in our college community that made her a phenomenal teacher and mentor. I watched Sujata lead panel discussions on topics ranging from constitutional law to human rights. Over the years I have seen Sujata influence real tangible change through programming and policy creation at Quinnipiac. Sujata effects change.

Before enrolling at Quinnipiac, I was a Trumbull resident. I saw firsthand the issues that need addressing in our town, issues that impact everyday residents like you.

Sujata understands that education is the backbone of thriving communities, and she is committed to making sure our schools get their fair share of aid. By creating legislation and lobbying for your voice at our state capital, Sujata will ensure that our schools are properly funded and that our students are properly supported to have easier access to public colleges and universities.

Sujata understands how critical it is to be transparent. Her support of the Connecticut Citizens Election Program is just one example. She will continuously encourage open lines of communication for all residents in our town, as she has done for all her years at Quinnipiac.

COVID-19 has taken its toll across the United States and has exposed the shortcomings of our local governments. It is time for new ideas. It is time for new faces. It is time for Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox. I am thrilled about the prospect of seeing such a wonderful and powerful leader in Sujata, representing our town.

Ali Munshi