Letter — Stop with the political theatrics

To the editor:

The new year has just begun, and already Town Council Republicans are putting forth the same political rhetoric that so failed them on Election Day.

This time, they are upset that their recommended candidate for Board of Finance alternate, Scott Zimov, was not approved by the Town Council. The Republicans are crying foul because the Town Council approved a different Republican, Marc Mascola.

The Republican complainers did not point out that Mr. Mascola is eminently qualified. He has decades of experience in accounting and is a CPA. There are no other CPA’s on the Board of Finance, so Mr. Mascola brings this excellent credential with him to the Board of Finance.

If the Democrats on the Town Council were simply looking to play political games, they would have appointed another Democrat. There is no requirement in the Charter to name a Republican alternate. When the Republicans were in power from 2009-2017, they never approved a Democratic alternate for Board of Finance.

The Republican malcontents also did not mention that First Selectman Vicki Tesoro has no role in the approval of Board of Finance alternates. According to the Town Charter, candidates are not recommended by the first selectman, but approved directly by the council.

We believe that the Town Council made a great decision approving Mr. Mascola. The council should approve the candidate they feel will best serve the Town of Trumbull.

It is hard to ignore Mr. Zimov’s voting record while he served as a full-member of the Board of Finance. Just last year, he voted to add $1.2 million to the budget. If that staggering sum of money had been added, all of our tax bills would have been an average of $100 higher. Perhaps instead of a knee-jerk emotional reaction, the complaining Republicans should consider that the town just can’t afford Mr. Zimov, and the council acted accordingly.

We hope that our Republican colleagues will stop with the bluster, roll up their sleeves, and start working with us for the good of the town. Trumbull is tired of the political theatrics. Throw away the playbook you’ve been using, it’s not working. If we all work together, we can improve the quality of life in Trumbull for everyone.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2020.

Tom Kelly, chairman

Trumbull Democrats