Letter — Social media posts violate basic human decency

To the editor;

There is no escaping the social media culture in which we now find ourselves. And while digital platforms offer us new ways to engage with one another, they fail to provide us with the important opportunities for face-to-face interactions that make us more compassionate. Since we cannot avoid communicating through social media, especially during a pandemic, I hope that we can re-imagine our approach to these communications in a manner that prioritizes our common humanity.

I have been alarmed to see the use of personal information about an incident of domestic violence raised on social media in Trumbull being displayed repeatedly and further even minimized as part of a punch line for a joke. These posts violate our very basic commitment to human decency.

While our democracy benefits from different and even opposing viewpoints, I think we can all agree that we must draw a line here. Our personal differences cannot stand in the place of our obligation to each other as community members and human beings. I look forward to having more opportunities to engage in person and to improve our natural ability for compassion and empathy.

Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox, District 1

Trumbull Democrats