Letter - Shame on you, Mr. Marcus

To the editor:

I was totally astonished when I read the article regarding saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of Economic Development meetings in Trumbull. Mr. Marshal Marcus, one of the Commissioners said that saying the oath can at times “smack of fascism.”

Really Mr. Marcus? You could have just voted against it and been quiet, but to say that saying the oath “smacks of fascism” is offensive. Your understanding of the word is misguided. You don’t have to say the pledge. You can keep your mouth shut. That’s freedom not fascism.

You can thank that freedom to the souls that lie in Arlington, Normandy, Honolulu, Korea and Vietnam. You can thank the souls that were never found for that freedom. You can thank the brave men and women protecting you around the world today for that freedom. The only reason you can say such an outrageous thing is because of them. Shame on you, shame on you.

Joe Pifko, chairman

Trumbull Republicans