Letter - School budget reductions should be reversed

To the editor:

We, members of the Madison Middle School community, have learned that the budget has gone down from a 3 percent increase to 2.5 percent.

As we know, many things are cut such as teachers, clubs, and sports. These aspects of our school system make attending Madison Middle School fun and enjoyable while providing us with a learning experience. The Madison community strongly believes that the budget reduction should be reversed.

One of our reasons behind writing this letter was the non-renewed contracts of some of our teachers. We have received word that three of our beloved teachers will not be returning next year: Ms. Petralia, Mr. Denuzzo, and Mr. Ripple. We as students want to do everything in our power to save the teachers that we admire. We have reached out to many members of the Madison community, and these teachers are clearly valued among us.

These teachers have helped the students at Madison overcome challenging obstacles along the way. Many things like hard math problems and challenging assignments are doable only because of their dedication and fine teaching. They talk us through each assignment while making sure we understand everything along the way.

For many of us, these teachers have been some of our first at Madison. They have made us feel welcome and at home from day one. Many of us have gotten very close to these teachers, as they have helped us learn, grow as students, and have fun during our time at school.

Even though our year has been cut short, these teachers have made Distance Learning as easy as can be expected considering the circumstances. Although we are going through a stressful time in our lives, these teachers and many others have kept all of us positive, happy, and even having fun! We would be nothing without our teachers.

As for clubs and sports, eighth graders at both middle schools look forward to competing in a sport in their freshman year of high school. Due to budget cuts, these students will be let down in the following year. As for clubs in other grades, many kids love signing up for clubs at their schools.

Clubs vary from musical theatre to math. As two of those kids to come into sixth grade this year, we loved signing up for all the clubs that were available to me. Having experienced the joy of participating in a group activity, the elimination of clubs has been a huge let down to anyone planning to be or already involved.

With the budget reduced from 3 percent to 2.5 percent, Madison’s students and Trumbull’s students have a majority of their opportunities taken away. From sports to clubs and really great teachers, Trumbull is going to lose its excellent quality schools and learning curricula/teachers. We know Trumbull strives to be the best, but with this reduction, so many chances will be taken away from students and teachers. So in all, the budget should be reversed back from 2.5 percent to 3 percent.

Maria Kourounis, student

Maya Louis, student

Madison Middle School