Letter — Saying ‘no’ is not enough

To the editor;

I am voting for Carla Volpe for state rep. in the 134 District. Carla is independent and a problem solver. Can we say the same about our current Rep. Laura Devlin?

In the literature she left at my door she highlights six items that she successfully opposed or defeated. While I don’t take issue with representatives voting their position, is voting no governing?

Carla is a teacher and she understands that to be effective, she must collaborate and work with all members of the school community - administrators, other faculty and of course, families and children. These skills will translate to the state House, where there are multiple points of view and different voices that need to be heard. It’s a bigger version of the classroom.

There may be no tests at the state House, but there are votes and it is on those votes that we can evaluate what our elected officials have actually accomplished.

In this upcoming election, I am voting for change in my district. Saying no is not enough, and voting no is not governing. Let’s elect someone who will work for us in Hartford and break the logjam of inaction. Support Carla Volpe for state rep.

Patricia S. Borghesan, District 4

Trumbull Democrats