Letter - Save Trumbull's character now

To the editor:

I am shocked that the people of Trumbull are sitting by and not having a robust discussion about how the overdevelopment of apartments is changing the face of Trumbull.

Just because you live in Nichols or Tashua does not mean this over development will not affect you. When our schools are over loaded the Department of Education is going to have to bus students to equalize the load. More people in these developments means more of a load on our education, EMS, police, fire and other town services. This equals more taxes for all.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, the likes of which no one living has ever seen before. We are having the hottest summer in years. People are trying to get away for a few days for some semblance of normalcy and rest and the Planning & Zoning Commission decides to bring up the public hearing on July 15. Could they find a better date and time when no one is watching?

Trumbull needs to take this slow with lots of public input. Consider this, five people on a board passed this approval for housing by a 3 - 2 margin. That means this is happening with a person 3 vote. The First Selectman even had concerns and put a moratorium into effect to slow things down. That suddenly disappeared. What happened?

It’s funny, no one said anything about the apartments off the parkway until they saw them being built. Is that what it’s going to take to shake people up about the Mall development. That will be too late. We need to save the character of Trumbull now.

Rita Alagna DeSabella