Letter — Rutigliano’s values are my family’s values

To the editor;

My wife and I moved to Trumbull 4 years ago, and our warmest welcome came from a local business owner we quickly met in town. I would later learn he represented Trumbull in Hartford.

Dave Rutigliano knows the effect of crushing taxes on the middle class and works hard to lower them. He knows you cannot spend your way into prosperity, and as a successful business owner in town, Dave knows the burden that over regulation has on small business owners, and he has personally provided jobs in town.

Dave stands with us in opposing new tax burdens, and fights hard to prevent new tolls that will add costs to working people in Connecticut, and won't accept the spin suggesting otherwise.

Since moving to Trumbull, my wife and I brought a baby boy into our lives, and we cannot wait to see him grow up and call Trumbull his home. Dave's values are my family's values. They are Trumbull's values, and I know they are Connecticut values. My wife and I enthusiastically support Dave's reelection.

Justin Paul