Letter — Rutigliano is a voice for all

To the editor;

I am a Republican.

When your family flees a country because the people are being oppressed, you grow to be weary of large, controlling governments. I happen to have fairly liberal social views, fully believing that we should make decisions for ourselves as long as we don’t impose on anyone else’s rights.

I also happen to be a woman, and a minority. There are those who have told me that those two factors mean that when I vote Republican, I am voting against my own best interests. But see, I don’t believe in labels, and I don’t believe in being put in a box.

I want my elected representative to do his or her job - listen to the concern of the constituents and develop solutions for us all - and these needs are based on what’s best for me as a Trumbull, Connecticut resident, not my sex or heritage.

Dave Rutigliano is a voice for all. He has proven himself repeatedly, even when his voice is in the minority. He is ever-present at the Capitol fighting for what he believes in. He is also ever-present in our community, volunteering his time and energy to the betterment of all.

As a small-business owner, he understands what we need, especially now as we recover from the financial damage COVID restrictions have contributed to many businesses, including my place of employment. Dave is the right choice for state representative for Trumbull. Please join me in voting for Dave Rutigliano on November 3.

Mabel Buttress