Letter — Rutigliano gets it

To the editor;

There are some people you meet in life that you just know. You know you will be friends, you know they are decent and you know they “get it.”

David Rutigliano is one of those people.

When I say he “gets it” I mean no one ever had to sit him down and point out what the issues are/were in town; he knew. No one needed to explain to him that our high taxes were a problem, excessive municipal budgets are a burden, education mandates inhibit real learning while creating financial car wrecks or that over-regulation and excessive fees on businesses inhibit job creation and economic growth in our state. No one had to tell him because he knew.

David is the representative product of someone deeply involved in his community - the person who is not content to just identify and complain about problems but feels the need to roll up his sleeves and do something about them. He feels the frustration of his neighbors and fellow business owners, and he understands the want of our seniors to stay in their homes; the ones they raised their children in and hosted friends and family, in some cases for over 55 years like my in-laws.

David never did and still does not aspire to anything higher. He understands where his energies are needed. David continues to want to serve for one reason; you. He runs for his neighbors, his family, for our kids and for the seniors in town. He continues to run for Trumbull; where we take pride in our past and have faith in our future.

Join me in re-electing David Rutigliano on Nov. 3.

Cindy Penkoff, District 2

Trumbull Republicans