Letter - Rutigliano a critical advocate for reform

To the editor;

When it comes to representing Trumbull residents in Hartford, Rep. Dave Rutigliano has few peers, regardless of party. Dave has served our community in exceptional ways by standing up for our best interests time and again.

Dave has been vocal in his commitment to supporting smart improvements to our infrastructure, while supporting two no-tax-increase budgets.

As a small businessman, Dave knows firsthand the contributions created when opportunities become solutions for young people choosing to stay or move into Connecticut to build their lives and raise their families. Dave is a critical advocate for balancing our system by reforming needless and onerous regulations and taxes, and unleashing the power of the people to build an economy that benefits everyone by increasing our standard of living.

The time has come to begin the long-overdue process of repairing the broken system in Hartford and putting the future of our community and state in the people’s hands to rebuild and renew. Trumbull can continue to have no greater advocate or legislator in Hartford than Rep. Dave Rutigliano. I hope you will join me in reelecting Dave on Nov. 3 in support of a better Connecticut for ourselves and our children.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republicans