Editor’s note —The following letter references Democratic Town Committee member Marshall Marcus, who was reprimanded by the Ethics Commission for referring to former First Selectman Tim Herbst as “Terrible Timmy.”

Committee member kept seat through political patronage

To the editor:

The Trumbull Times reported April 14, 2020 that the town’s 2019 established Long Term Disaster Recovery Committee will meet to provide guidance on moving our community from the current near complete stay-at-home order to the next phase as the initial mitigation for the coronavirus will subside in the coming weeks.

Trumbull residents have answered the nations call to “flatten the curve” and we all should continue to thank and support the front line workers who put their own health in jeopardy every day. While it is expected that the peak in Connecticut will be reached in a matter of days, planning needs to take place, because as the president and others have said, coming out of this phase to the next is not like flicking a switch. It will take time, patience and the collective and continued efforts of us all to ensure a bounce back spike does not occur.

Sadly, the first selectman and her administration have not sought the resignation of a member of the LTDR Committee, quoted in the Times article, who received a strong reprimand from the town’s Ethics Commission just last month, following a complaint filed after this past November’s municipal election. The first selectman has remained silent, not commenting on the reprimand of a political party partisan since it was issued, nor has the Democratic Town Committee.

This purely political act of willful ignoring only continues the business as usual tactics of the administration rewarding friends to the detriment of the community. How can we expect inter-party and community civility as espoused by the current administration when their deeds do not match their words?

As we move from mitigation to a new normal, let’s take the opportunity to move toward a better place as a community, one where those who cross the ethical line are not rewarded by retaining committee seats or asked to serve through political patronage. When we do that we will begin to move toward truly becoming one community.

Mark Block, District 3

Trumbull Republicans