To the editor:

On Monday, May 25 the United States will celebrate Memorial Day.

It has been a trying four months with the coronavirus. Since parades are canceled this year, and we are still social distancing, I respectfully ask all Americans to remember the veterans, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, at least in their hearts at this time. Say a prayer and think of their valor, dedication and courage.

When I hear people complaining (I was one at times) about having to live under “Stay home, stay safe” rules and regulations, I think back to my father, and the giants of war that have fought for us under the harshest conditions. Yes, we had to stay home, but we still had heat, and light, and water, and television and our digital media. They did not. Many times they hunkered down in a foxhole with enemy fire around them, cold, hungry and little scared perhaps.

So, my point is, everything is relative. What we went through was most certainly a change for us, but it was (has been) nothing compared to what the veterans have done and endured for our country.

May our thoughts and prayers be with all our veterans, including those with us still. God bless them. God bless the USA. Together remember them in your mind and heart, and get through the coronavirus together.

Suzanne Burr Monaco