Letter - Rally for what Trumbull really stands for

To the editor;

Trumbull is better than the face we have been seeing and hearing the past few months. We’ve had 2 protests and, whether you supported them or not, they were entitled to their voice.

They were followed up by a presentation to our BOE telling us we are too white, too rich and don’t have enough diversity and black education in our schools. Their “poll” proved it.

I guarantee that if you took a poll in our town about what people wished our school system taught our children, what it would prove is there are not enough hours in the day or days in the school year to teach our children everything we wish they would know.

Here is something they left out of the conversation. In 2010 the white population in Trumbull was 94 percent. In 2020 it is estimated to be 68.8 percent. That’s major progress in a relatively short period. It has nothing to do with anything we were “forced” to do or not do as a town. It was a natural progression.

While there is this group in town pushing for “diversity” they’re ignoring our progress and major portions of our community that make up more of the 31% non-whites in town than the Black community does.

Yes much has been left out of the conversation and many people feel unheard. Trumbull is many things, but racist is not one of them. Are there racists that live here? Probably. Just like there are bullies that live in our town and I will guarantee you that they outnumber the racists 500:1 in all age groups.

One of the most profound moments for me was the year my son was a freshman, Trumbull High did a bullying program. I sat in the back of the room and cried most of the time as I watched and listened to one child after another talk about being bullied. Every race, status, sex, gender identity, pick a category, were victims of bullying in our schools, our town.

At the end they were asked, how many had experienced bullying. Nearly 100 percent of those children we love, raised, and entrusted to our schools, had experienced bullying.

Trumbull is not a racist town, but like all places, we have things to work on. Trumbull is inclusive, generous and hard-working. We step up and step in when needed. We feed the hungry, we clothe the cold. We do food drives, diaper drives, rake leaves and support our veterans. We do blood drives, bone marrow drives and search for lost animals. We mourn with others in their grief and celebrate their accomplishments.

Never once do we ask what color the recipients are, what country they’re from, whether they are here legally or not. All we know is someone out there needs us. Please join us Saturday Oct. 17 at Indian Ledge Park from 12-2pm, as we protest against the negative labels and rally for what Trumbull really stands for. Because we are a “Community of Unity.”

Cindy Penkoff, District 2

Trumbull Republicans