Letter - Proud to support Rutigliano

To the editor;

In 2008, I attended a Town Committee meeting in Trumbull. A gentleman came in, and stood next to me. He’d obviously just come directly from work. He was in a chef’s outfit. He said hello, and then said, “We have to get involved, things in Hartford are really getting out of control.”

That man’s name was David Rutigliano, and “get involved” wasn’t just a matter of words, it was a course of action. David didn’t just speak words that night, he made a commitment. It was a commitment not for himself, but to the people of Connecticut, and specifically to the people of Trumbull. This wasn’t a commitment for Republicans or Democrats, it was a commitment for all of us.

David Rutigliano did get involved. He campaigned vigorously to become our state representative, not for himself, but for us, and has represented us well. It’s important that we consider that this isn’t self serving for Mr. Rutigliano. He has a family, and is a partner in several businesses. This is a sacrifice of his time and energy that he willingly makes for a better Connecticut, for us.

He has earned the endorsements of the Connecticut Realtors, National Federation of Independent Business, Trumbull Police Union, and of citizens of all political affiliations.

David has a willingness to work across the aisle, and determination to do what’s necessary for the benefit of our citizens. He’s fought for education, fought to end the opioid crisis, fought for stabilizing taxes and spending by our government, fought to reduce regulations on businesses, fought against tolls, and he continues to fight, and work, for us.

Please support the person who has a proven track record of working for all of us, a man I am proud not only to endorse, but to call my friend, David Rutigliano, Republican candidate for state representative in the 123rd District.

David R. Pia, District 1

Trumbull Republicans