Letter — Proud to cast ballot for Volpe

To the editor;

I am a Trumbull native and proud of it. I have lived almost my entire life in Trumbull’s District 4.

For many years, our state representative district has been comprised of District 4 in Trumbull and part of Fairfield. And in almost all those years, the elected state representative has come from Fairfield.

This year, we have an opportunity to change that. I am proud to be voting for Carla Volpe, who lives right here in Trumbull. I know that Carla will represent the entire district, but if she is elected, Trumbull will not be on the back burner.

We need a representative in Hartford who is going to fight for Trumbull. Why has our state education reimbursement gone down by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 2 years? Trumbull sends plenty of tax dollars to Hartford, and we should not be getting our Educational Cost Share dollars cut each year. We need a new voice in Hartford aggressively representing this district, and that person is Carla Volpe.

I am proud to cast my ballot for Carla on November 3, and I hope everyone in District 4 will join me. Thank you for your support.

Tom Kelly, chairman

Trumbull Democrats