Letter -Poll workers deserve better

To the editor:

I would like to address an item in our recently passed budget. The Town Council decided to eliminate the poll workers meal allowance of $2,300.

Just exactly what are our leaders thinking? This shows a complete lack of respect and how out of touch our elected leaders really are.

To town council members Dawn Cantafio and Mike Miller (who made and seconded the motion) and for everyone that voted in favor, please explain the logic and reasoning for removing the $2,300.

To First Selectman Tesoro, why did you not veto this reduction?

If you’ve ever worked the polls on election day, you know it’s already a thankless task. You put in 16 hours (5 a.m. to 9 p.m.), you aren’t allowed to leave the premises, and you constantly have people upset about something that generally isn’t the poll worker’s fault (i.e. not being registered, trying to vote in the wrong district, registered as one party but wants to vote in the other party’s primary, etc.) and now you don’t even want to give them a sandwich or slice of pizza? They are helping you exercise your most fundamental right and this is how you repay them.

The allotment per worker is $15 for the entire day (lunch and dinner). That amount hasn’t changed in five years. The $2,300 equates to 0.0013% of the $178.5 million budget, or roughly 15 cents of your yearly tax bill. That’s right 15 cents!

I think a GoFundMe campaign is in order. If that doesn’t work or if you aren’t embarrassed enough to give them a supplemental appropriation (yes, I’m embarrassed for you) I have a mind to fund the $2,300 meal allowance on Election Day in November. They deserve better.

Tracy Vonick