Letter: Please vote Row B

To the Editor:

My name is Brendan Keatley and I am running for the Trumbull Town Council in District 4. I am asking that when you go to the polls on Election Day 2013, that you vote for Martha Jankovic-Mark and the entire District 4 team.

I have served as a professional firefighter for 17 years and was a police officer for three years before that. I have also worked for nearly 10 years as the elected President of the Stamford Professional Firefighters Association, with significant involvement in municipal budget issues.

Trumbull has been my home for nine years and I live here with my wife and my son, a student at Frenchtown Elementary School. This town has given us so much and now I hope to give back to the residents of Trumbull.

There are town wide concerns over the schools, specifically regarding the building conditions, potential overcrowding issues and the safety of our children and school employees. We can and should do more to prevent unauthorized access to school facilities in town.

I also believe in open and responsive town government, where one political party should not control the direction Trumbull is going in. Debate is to be encouraged, while either side should not tolerate personal, petty attacks.

I ask my fellow residents to consider my candidacy and what I have to offer Trumbull, please vote Row B on Election Day.

Brendan Keatley

Town Council Candidate, District 4