Letter — People of Trumbull deserve a break

To the editor:

As an almost lifelong resident of Trumbull, I have seen a lot of back and forth between political parties unfold in the public eye, and it has always seemed somewhat normal to disagree about town governance. That’s a functioning democracy at work. What has come to be, though, in Trumbull, seems to be worse than that.

I read a letter by Stuart Schwartz where he chastised Dawn Cantafio, who I have known for three decades, for an assault against the democratic process. I find Mr. Schwartz’s description of events to be lacking in believability, and factual specifics.

Is there more to this story? There must be, because Mrs. Cantafio is one of the friendliest and most affable people I have ever met.

Then I read a letter to the editor written by Carl Massaro, where he says that the Democrats in town favor party over town, and are in favor of letting the state rule over Trumbull zoning boards. Again, I find this very hard to believe. No local authority in any town in our country would cede those types of local decisions to state government. Either I read this letter wrong, or something is missing in Mr. Massaro’s letter.

The point that I would like to make is after four or five years of extremely antagonistic public discourse at the national level, I think the people of this nation and this town deserve a break. We deserve politicians who are honest, diligent, hard-working and mature, and treat the opposition with respect. We do not want sophomoric rhetoric, public immature feuding, and harsh public personal attacks.

The people of Trumbull just want a functioning, professional government. As our mothers told all of us as kids, if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.

David Benjamin