Letter -Penkoff the smart choice for Trumbull GOP

To the editor:

Since moving to Trumbull a little over five years ago, three things have stood out to me.

One is the beauty of the town. The second is the wonderful education my children are getting. Lastly, is the many kind people that I have met through school, volunteer work and through town Facebook pages.

As a member of the Republican Party since I registered when I was 18 years old, I have one important question. Who is leading the Republican Party in Trumbull? To be honest, I don’t know his or her name. Where’s the voice of our party?

With that being said, I believe a change is necessary to refuel the party and welcome new faces, young and old. A place for people of all ages with common beliefs to gather together. We need a leader that will actually lead and put themselves out there to band us together.

There’s an old saying, You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Time to step it up.

One person that stands out to me to be the next chairman of the RTC is Cindy Penkoff. She is a person with true leadership skills. She actively uses social media to inform us about what is going on around town as well as the state. She knows that social media is part of the new world of providing information.

It’s important to use it as a platform in the times we live in because it is a major part of our lives. The information age has evolved. The party needs to evolve with the times as well.

Cindy is knowledgeable in all aspects of town government. She is passionate and she truly cares about the direction we are going in.

Politics in Trumbull is very divisive. Cindy is a person that has crossed the aisle and made it a point to listen to both sides. She has even reached within our own party when it is deeply wrong. While that may rub some people the wrong way, it is one of the things that makes her a leader and not a follower as she looks out for the future of the party and what it has to offer vs having to defend a position that never should have been.

She may not agree with everyone and vice versa, but she is absolutely the type of person we need to lead our party. We need a strong minded individual that reaches out to the people and gives us hope for a better future for the town. She always makes herself available and gives of herself for the betterment of the Republican party. I am asking the members of the RTC to vote smart on March 16.

Patricia Kelly