Letter — Owed an apology from first selectman

To the editor:

I find it hard to fathom my getting a warning ticket from a Trumbull park ranger for taking some leaves to Beach Pool’s parking lot this past Saturday.

For years the good folks around Pinewood Lake love the idea of having a nearby spot to take their leaves every fall. They started doing this about 10 years ago and I never had a problem.

We live in a forest here and the streets get quite clogged, especially after three days of rain. I hadn’t even dumped the leaves and she was on top of me. In fact I never dumped the leaves.

I told Ms. Ranger that I was doing the Town of Trumbull a service by cleaning my street. The town had just finished the streets our area.

She told me I needed to bring them to the transfer station. I tried explaining to her I am an essential worker, I work.

In fact she told me to back up after talking to her 10 feet away. So I went and put my mask on. We were outdoors, but this doesn’t matter anymore because the media and Gov. Lamont has everyone scared to death.

When 15 people test positive out of 100,000 you go into a “Code Yellow.” They keep picking on the poor restaurants with no proof whatsoever they cause more infections.

The fact is the town’s park rangers should concentrate more on all the out of town people at Twin Brooks Park instead of picking on a senior that lives up the street who constantly cleans his street every season.

I would like to hear back from First Selectman Vicki Tesoro. I want an apology.

Mike Mastroni