Letter — Oppose aquatics center at Beach Park

To the editor:

I am writing to urge Trumbull residents who value the family-friendly oasis we now enjoy as Beach Memorial Park to oppose the proposal to build an aquatics facility next to the current outdoor pool.

The proposed building, estimated to be the size of eight tennis courts, will destroy the park as we know it. Not only will it disrupt wetlands, wildlife, and the natural beauty of the park, it will transform it from a simple pool and splash park in the woods to a commercial-like site.

The shady picnic groves where our children and grandchildren can now safely play will be replaced by a busy parking lot and a towering building. If this huge building is built in the park, Beach’s will have more in common with a busy medical complex you might see on Quarry Road than the peaceful park as we now know it.

With about 19,000 visits to the pool each summer, a number which presumably does not include those who come to the park solely for the playground, or volleyball court, or to hike on the many trails, or picnic in the grove, Beach Park is enjoyed by more residents than any other comparable recreation area the town offers. It makes no sense to fundamentally change the nature of this park, which obviously plays such a vital role in our community, when there are other better-suited locations for this proposed facility.

From what I understand, the Town’s Aquatics Committee is charged to choose a site for the new facility and has narrowed its focus to Beach Park and one other location. I am informed that the next major step will be a survey of Trumbull residents regarding this proposal as well as proposals for a new senior center and library improvements. I ask all residents who value the treasure of Beach Park as it is now to make clear your opposition to this location when responding to the survey. Preserve Beach Park.

Susann Gill Riley