Letter: On Principal Guarino's cancellation of RENT

To the Editor:

To say musical theater at Trumbull High was important to my high school career is an understatement. Five years after leaving high school, I'm a composer, pianist and singer working toward a career in music, and my experience onstage at THS played a large part in that. So when I learned from a number of fellow Trumbull residents that principle Marc Guarino had cancelled the show because he feared even the high school edition of Jonathan Larson's "Rent" was too controversial a show for our town, my first thought was not to quibble about what the audience's reaction might or might not be (though several schools in Connecticut have performed the show with, far as I'm aware, little to no backlash), but rather to imagine how my high school career would have been different had one of the four spring shows I participated in been lopped out of my life.

The answer? A lot.

The community does benefit from these shows, but even more importantly, the performers do. These shows are chapters, not pages, in our lives, and they account for many of the friends we make and keep year to year as well as many of the communication skills we naturally acquire as we perform.

So though I do personally think Rent's watered-down school edition would be perfectly suitable for high school production, my primary plea is this: If Guarino wants to cancel Rent, he should be sure that some equal production will be organized in its place. For the seniors, this would have been their last show here.

If he can't do that, perhaps he should take responsibility for the lateness of his own decision, and admit that he made a mistake.

Ben McCormack