Letter - Old Mine crosswalk is a tragedy waiting to happen

To the editor:

Regarding the crosswalk on Rt 111 at the entrance to Old Mine Park, I fear there is a tragedy waiting to happen at this location.

Cars go speeding by and are expected to stop because of the flashing lights that appear when someone wants to cross the road. I wouldn’t trust that to happen for one second. Someday it won’t happen and an awful accident will occur.

At times I see a police officer placed on the roadside, probably at great expense, trying to monitor the situation. But really, what can he do if a car does not stop and some poor soul is caught in the crosswalk?

I suggest the town build a pedestrian overpass so that hikers/bikers can cross without interacting with traffic. It would not need to carry a vehicle but only a person or bike. And in the long run it would be safer and more cost effective than stationing an officer there.

Let’s not learn this the hard way.

Jeffrey Busch