Letter — No time for on-the-job training

To the editor;

Since 2008 I have watched the race of the 134th District state representative closely. I worked with Tony Hwang on his campaign and he was a tough act to follow. In 2014, 2016 and 2018, I supported the Democratic candidates as I listened to their platform and thought they would be a great fit for the times we were in.

But, 2020 is a year of struggle and rebuilding for the State of Connecticut. Many of the governor’s rulings do not make sense to me, such as deeming Realtors essential employees, but stay home, stay safe and have countless strangers come into your home? Common sense?

This is not the year for on-the-job-training, but a year to send an experienced, common sense, community minded advocate to the state - and that is Laura Devlin. I appreciate her strong business sense. She has been present in the Trumbull community weekly collecting food for the food pantry, helping individuals and businesses navigate the assistance they may be in need of during this time and available for questions and concerns on the state level. Laura Devlin has earned my vote.

Laura understood the negative effect the tolls would have had on Connecticut. Laura understands the balance between keeping Connecticut healthy under COVID guidelines and the economic and financial stability for business owners and residents. And she will continue to work hard advocating for the educational funding needed in both Trumbull and Fairfield.

Laura understands the negative impact the governor’s ruling on tenant protection during COVID has had on landlords. And I trust Laura will continue to advocate with a common-sense approach, through research, and passionate arguments on our behalf.

Laura understands what is needed to navigate success in these uncharted times. We need Laura Devlin in Hartford to continue the work she has started. As an unaffiliated voter this is the year I cast my vote for Laura Devlin and I hope you do as well.

Lisa Valenti, U-4th District

Trumbull Town Council