Letter — New normal demands clear-headed leadership

To the editor:

School is about to start. As parents, as educators, as members of our town, we are all losing sleep over upcoming decisions, our own and those of our leaders.

As we have sat in our homes during this pandemic, we have become keen observers. We watched our neighbors who have gathered and thrown parties, we have watched people not wearing masks, we have watched other states and their reactions to this disease. And we have watched our leaders. What kind of leadership do they display?

On April 9, just a few short weeks after we all began to stay home in a unified effort to flatten the curve, our state representative, David Rutigliano, demanded that our governor reopen the state, including restaurants and bars. “Its [sic] time to open up,” he tweeted. You see, he is a local restaurant owner, and his business was impacted by the shutdown.

I believe it was irresponsible to make this sort of demand at that time, just prior to our Covid cases skyrocketing. More than 100 of our townspeople have died, and close to 200,000 of our countrymen. It was and is so clear that we all must do our part to prevent further harm.

We have seen how David Rutigliano behaves. This “is crazy,” Rutigliano tweeted, referring to the governor’s decision that restaurants and bars remained closed until at least May. Reckless, thoughtless, impulsive, self-motivated…is this the representation we want in Hartford?

Instead of premature demands to reopen the state, Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox reached out to Trumbull residents in March to encourage safe behavior during these unsettling times. We need representatives who lead with their brains and their calm and not their wallet.

We all want to get back to work, and we all want things to go back to normal. Unfortunately, we have a new normal. Now more than ever, it’s obvious that we need clear-headed leadership. On November 3rd, we need to vote out David Rutigliano in favor of Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox.

Angela Bulkley, District 2

Trumbull Democrats