Letter: Leave the Hardy Lane neighborhood alone

I believe in the referendum process; the people that pay the bills should be able to decide on large ticket items. It is their money.

I do not believe that anyone, any committee or town office has the right to tell a neighborhood — one none of them live anywhere close to — that their space, their home, their piece of mind, their investment is expendable. And most certainly not for a luxury item or a space they told us was to be preserved when they spent $7,000,000 on it. No one has that right.

While we continually deal with a number of developers and their attorneys that treat Trumbull like their personal playgrounds, not caring about the town as a whole or the effect their projects have, never should our administration, elected and/or appointed, be one of those developers. We expect better from them. We demand better of them. Respect for the residents is the bare minimum we expect from them.

A residential neighborhood is at stake with this project. If they are allowed to do it to this neighborhood, what will stop them from doing it to yours? That is unless you live next door to one of them.

Tell them NO to a Hardy Lane recreational development before they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on plans and waste more tax dollars.

Maybe they should spend a fraction of the time they've spent on this “project” on the schools they continue to patch.

Cindy Penkoff