Letter -Leave Beach Park to nature

To the editor:

I walk my dog in Beach Memorial Park and neighboring Twin Brooks Park every day barring ice and heavy rain. Since learning about a potential plan to add a year-round 24,000-square-foot aquatics facility next to the current pool I have talked with fellow town residents and others during these walks.

Many know nothing or very little about the proposal. Many come here because it is a peaceful haven.

The other day I spoke with a couple from our border with Shelton and a woman from the Tashua neighborhood who walk here for just this reason. From our southern borders I spoke with a young family of four walking their dog and an older couple who comes here for the forested pathways that remind them of times gone by and the safe streets.

Our open spaces make Trumbull special and with development going on all over, these are treasures to be protected.

When the community survey that has been discussed at Town Council and in committees goes out I will vote to keep Beach Memorial Park the way Mr. and Mrs. Beach envisioned it when they gifted it to our town over 70 years ago, “a living memorial” to their son and others who died in WW II, and representing the “beauties of nature.”

Janet Epstein