Letter — Hypocrisy is starting to get old

To the editor:

On January 22 the Trumbull Times published “Trumbull schools face ‘dire’ budget situation” which spells out that the school system is running a significant deficit. (Interim School Supt. Ralph) Iassogna told the board he had not been able to pin down exactly how large the deficit is, but it likely would be at least $1.2 million.

Mr. Iassogna also stated at the Board of Education meeting that the deficit was on the Board of Ed’s side for reasons (legitimate reasons), but two points…if they were funded at the correct level then it wouldn’t be the issue and also I spent years hearing from the Democrats in town say how everything was the first selectman’s fault as he was in charge and therefore any issues fell to him.

But when the first selectman is a Democrat somehow nothing falls to the office anymore. They say the first selectman has no impact on any boards in town and for the budget she just (puts) together what she thinks and then the other boards do their job and she has no impact. The hypocrisy is really starting to wear on me and I presume I am not alone.

A prominent Democrat once posted on social media: “However, please remember that our General Fund and Police Special Agency fund were raided rather than have the tax rate reflect spending.”

So far in fiscal year 2019/2020 there has already been $998,406 in supplemental transfers not including what will be coming from the Board of Education. Of these supplemental transfers there is a $500,000 additional payment to pensions (which has zero impact) and was requested first month into a budget season as well as $120,000 for attorneys fees for an ongoing case where the costs should have been projected (I have listened for years about attorney costs). This does not seem that our FS has put together a budget so that the tax rate reflects spending.

At the end of the day I wonder if proper planning and budgeting is what we need instead of keeping our tax rate down (during an election year) instead of raiding our General Fund. Based on projects (and using a fund balance from July) our fund balance as a percentage of our budget will go from 12.97% to somewhere between 11.4% and 11.85%, (assuming no additional requests outside of the Board of Education) now please tell me how this is sound budgeting

Scott Zimov, District 1

Trumbull Republican Town Committee