Letter - Hartford's 'Big Brother' attitude is frightening

To the editor:

George Orwell, the author of the totalitarian novel “1984” was only 37 years off, at least in Connecticut. The Big Brother attitude of Hartford is frightening.

There are a number of bills waiting for a vote in Hartford that will take away local control of zoning throughout Connecticut. Appointed judges and Hartford politicians are going to decide what is built in our backyards. Local rule and locally controlled zoning boards will have to bow to the power of Hartford. Big Brother is taking over.

The idea of Hartford controlling local zoning is outrageous. What may be good for New London may not work in Sherman. The Hartford Democrats can’t manage the state without huge tax increases now, how are they going to manage and control our local zoning laws? And why should they?

Can you imagine the bureaucratic monster they are going to create to control all this?

The freedom of self-determination and local control has always been a tenet of our democracy. These bills go against these basic American ideals. Hartford would be better off focusing on the creation of economic opportunities for the people of Connecticut instead of overstepping their bounds by controlling local zoning.

Joe Pifko, District 4

Republican Town Committee