Letter: Goal for continued progress

To the Editor:

My name is Edna Colucci and I am running for Trumbull Town Council in District 2. My goal is to work on behalf of our residents to ensure the continued progress and success of our town.

My husband and I have lived in Trumbull for the past eight years. We have three young children enrolled in the Trumbull Public School system and are proud to call Trumbull our home.

In 2010, as a practicing attorney and concerned mother and resident, I helped lead the fight against the pre-planned installation of a fuel cell power plant in the heart of our Nichols community. Working alongside our first selectman, our town representatives and neighbors, we succeeded in protecting our town from discovered dangers and prevented a devastating drop in property values.

That experience was evidence of how special our community is. It encouraged me to stay involved and fight for what is needed in the town we call our home.

As PTA president at Booth Hill School for the following two consecutive years, I worked with the PTA, our school and district administrators, as well as parents to tackle concerns and address questions. We worked to promote continued success and betterment of the school experience for the children.

I am proud to have been asked to run on the Herbst Republican ticket and ask for your vote this Election Day so that I may serve my community in an even greater capacity and to be a voice for the people of Trumbull.

Edna Colucci, candidate for Town Council, District 2