Letter — Gadkar-Wilcox is the best candidate to bring community together

To the editor;

“It’s time to stop voting for Democrats because they _____!”

“The Republican Party only cares about _______!”

These messages are everywhere. We open Facebook to catch a glimpse into the lives of our friends and family and this is what we see instead.

Or perhaps we turn to Twitter to find timely updates on how businesses are adjusting to the latest COVID-19 guidelines and instead we find vitriol and people mocking one another for their opinions.

“Oh well,” one might lament, “this is politics. What do you expect?” Or worse, perhaps you’ve heard this said in the past, “Politics in Trumbull is a blood-sport, nothing anyone can do about it.”

Is there nothing we can do about it? I don’t think so. I have observed one candidate who is doing something about it by focusing on having real, substantive discussions with members of our community, listening to our needs for today and concerns for the future.

These discussions come naturally for Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox because she has spent her career as an educator, helping to coach, mentor and guide students to reach their potential. I know that she will bring that same spirit and leadership style to Harford for the benefit of Trumbull and the state.

If elected she plans to work hard to increase the amount of Education Cost Sharing funding Trumbull receives from the state. As a parent of twin second grade students and an alternate member of the Board of Finance I know what a crucial difference increased state funding could make for our public schools. Each dollar of state education aid our town receives is one less dollar that has to come from town taxpayers to put toward technology resources, curriculum enrichment, or supporting our children’s emotional development.

Sujata’s vision also includes plans to help local businesses recover from the economic slowdown, ideas to encourage Connecticut’s competitiveness so that more young adults can find fulfilling jobs in the state, and enacting term limits for state elected leaders.

In these ways she is the best candidate to bring our community together.

Christine El Eris