Letter — Gadkar-Wilcox demonstrates lack of ethics

To the editor;

The definition of hypocrisy is “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or belief to which one’s own behavior does not conform.”

David Rutigliano’s opponent in the race for state representative for the 123rd District, Sujata Gadar-Wilcox, is a professor of Constitutional and human rights law. She states she is running for office because she is concerned about the current political ethic.

In a Tedx Talk of July, 2019, she talks about corruption in government and politics as a public good. These are all noble ideals and these are ideals David Rutigliano has exhibited as he has represented Trumbull in his four terms as our state representative.

Recently, Ms. Gadar-Wilcox approved three mailers to the voters of Trumbull. Two mailers were negative campaign mailers, attempting to attack Rep. Rutigliano’s record with half-truths and outright false statements. What is most alarming is that these mailers are funded by dark money.

They are funded outside of the Citizen Election program that is funded by taxpayers and these mailers are funded by Political Action Groups, which can raise unlimited amounts of what is called “dark money.”

The third mailer compared both she and he, again using half truths against nothing more than promises and hopes. Is the promise of an elected position worth setting aside your ethics? Apparently she thinks so.

While there is nothing illegal with these mailers, it raises a question of ethics and integrity. You can’t publicly tout that you are ethical, moral and see politics as a public good and then get down in the mud, slinging lies about your opponent while accepting money from political action groups. It’s unethical and hypocritical.

I hope the voters of Trumbull will see through the negative campaigning and lack of ethics demonstrated by Sujata Gadar-Wilcox.

Integrity leads and lasts. Vote for honesty and integrity on Nov. 3 by voting for David Rutigliano for State Representative.

Josephine Mills, vice chair

Trumbull Republicans