Letter — Don’t let keyboard warriors dominate diversity task force narrative

To the editor;

I am writing to voice support for Trumbull’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force, and all the volunteers serving on it.

It is an understatement that this past year-of-pandemic has been difficult, and everyone is worn thin. Even more reason to exercise civility, consideration, and empathy in our public discourse. I find this lacking in the current conversations regarding EDIT. The discussion is also being mixed with divisive rhetoric regarding the Blue Lives Matter flag, and the comments of the Trumbull Police Union Facebook page.

Given the heated exchanges I have seen online, it seems obvious to me there is a genuine and urgent need for this task force.

The best way for our community to build bridges and understanding is to have meaningful exchanges of ideas and experiences, whether between individuals or entities. Social media is not conducive to this.

If you are serious about your views, then attend the meetings (do it virtually from home), read the agendas and minutes, write to your elected officials, ask questions. Do the homework and be educated from the source. Be an active citizen. Yes, it takes time and effort.

You cannot let vocal, local keyboard warriors dominate the narrative. I suggest that instead of indulging in momentarily satisfying social media posting, we all take a breath and do what citizens are supposed to - do the work to understand the nuances.

It is not surprising that some who opposed the creation of EDIT are now trying to eliminate it and use it as a political weapon in an election year.

Let us not succumb to false equivalencies. Let us all put on our best 21st Century adulting outfits and be constructive. Our community today and our future generations deserve this.

Susan Schaaf, District 4

Trumbull Democrats