Letter — Diversity committee has not lived up to its hype

Last July, in response to national events, First Selectman Tesoro and the Town Council established the EDIT Task Force, “to strengthen Trumbull’s identity as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.”

EDIT has not lived up to its hype, and as it stands qualifies as a dreadful failure. This is not the result of the quoted portion of the resolution, it is having been brought about by one misstep after another, errors in judgment and lack of strong processes.

I am again calling for a complete restructuring of EDIT so any benefits are necessary, appropriate and quantifiable.

Following the uproar caused by the inappropriate comments of the EDIT chairperson, the Democratic majority doubled down on its poor leadership, maintained the status quo on the failed establishment of EDIT, and did nothing more than ask residents to apply to fill numerous vacated seats.

The result? Time and energy are diverted from the crucial needs of Trumbull residents due to the overzealous partisanship exhibited by Trumbull Democrats. The council chairperson, Dawn Cantafio, again moved the goal posts by extending the application period. With 11 applications received, including mine, time again extended, she then needed five more weeks for her handpicked group of three to interview applicants - a clear violation of council rules and lack of transparency.

My solution? Appoint them all. Yes, appoint all who offered to serve the community on EDIT. There should be no partisanship and no gamesmanship. If 11 stepped forward, seat them on July 5 and let them elect their chair and begin to lay out processes that the task force will focus on.

Compounding mistakes has left residents skeptical of this entire process. The approach now being taken by the council Democrats and First Selectman Tesoro provides no confidence to residents; it only disenfranchises those who stepped forward to say “I’ll serve”.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republicans