Letter — Disapppinted by racial capitalization

To the editor:

I am disappointed by your decision about use of initial capital letters when designating race, in the sidebar on page A2 of the 23 July 2020 issue of The Trumbull Times. Our goal as a unified people should be equal recognition and respect for all people. This goal is aided by uniformity in the style for identifying race.

You refer to the use of capitals by “white supremacists” and “hate groups” as a factor in your decision. It should not be. The people who preach hatred will always find a way to show their negative feelings, regardless of the decisions that you make.

People of goodwill feel equal respect for people of all races. To indicate this respect, I believe that it is desirable to use initial capital letters to identify all races — Black, Brown, Red, White and Yellow. Let this style signify our love and charity for all of God’s children.

Leigh Hickcox