Letter - Devlin stands up for schools

To the editor;

I am writing to urge voters in the 134th District to cast their vote to re-elect Laura Devlin as their state representative.

I am a retired Trumbull elementary school principal and I have followed Laura’s advocacy and support of education in both Trumbull and Fairfield since she was first elected six years ago.

When it comes to education, politics has no place at the table. Laura understands this. She works hard to ensure that decisions that impact our education system are made with the best interest of our children in mind.

Just last year, Laura worked with a bipartisan group of educators, parents, and town leaders to stop a plan that would have forced the regionalization of school districts. That would have been a disaster if implemented.

As a member of the state legislature’s Education Committee, Laura fought for local school boards to make their own curriculum decisions as well as have control of their budgets. Educators and parents understand just exactly how critical that is.

Laura has also fought threatened cuts to the state’s education budget several times. I know first-hand what would have happened to our school systems if those cuts to Trumbull and Fairfield’s state education funding had succeeded. We are lucky to have Laura standing up for us.

It is important for our children, teachers, parents, and staff that we keep a strong advocate in Hartford. I hope you will join me in supporting Laura Devlin on Election Day.

Jacqueline J. Norcel, secretary (R)

Trumbull Board of Education