Letter — Devlin a tested, proven leader

To the editor;

The latest candidate questionnaire for state races gave me the opportunity to look at newcomer Carla Volpe, who is challenging our incumbent State Rep. Laura Devlin for the 134th District. When newcomers have fresh ideas, leadership skills, and independent voices they add to the public discourse. What I found in Volpe’s responses was disappointing.

Volpe says she will support any non-partisan, judicious effort to eliminate inefficient programs and people. However, she has not identified what state programs she believes are wasteful, nor suggested ways to eliminate those expenses. What caught my attention most was she does not say “bi-partisan” effort meaning she will work across the aisle, she says “non-partisan,” meaning she won’t be influenced or biased by others outside of her party. She talks about supporting “any and all reasonable legislation” over and over, yet offers no policy, legislation, or solutions she herself would propose.

Volpe’s answers indicate she is unproven and will play the politics of follow the leader to more government. Hartford has enough followers, what Trumbull residents in the 134th District need are leaders with experience who represent all, a tested and proven leader like Laura Devlin.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republicans