Letter — Democrats have failed community

To the editor;

The first selectman and town council Democrats have failed our community. Last July, we supported the creation of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force with the understanding that its membership would include Trumbull residents from all backgrounds, perspectives and political affiliations.

The first selectman and Democratic Caucus impaneled the eight-member committee without fully vetting their personal bias or soliciting nominations from our caucus, boards or commissions. After months of meetings, EDIT has failed to report to the council any of its current or planned activities/initiatives, or outline its directives.

Half of the task force has resigned following revelation of Chairwoman Tara Figueroa’s social media post stating that she would be happy to replace stolen thin blue line lawn signs with Confederate flags- a clear and intentionally insulting connection of past racism to our police and their legions of supporters.

Due to its inaction, the Tesoro Administration is responsible for the resulting community uproar and division and has secretly met with EDIT members to formulate damage control plans to address the outrage from the Trumbull police and town residents.

In February, council Republicans submitted two resolutions to open public discussion and address this egregious and offensive behavior, which the Democrats chose to omit from the March agenda. The first offers a seat on EDIT to the Trumbull police. The second calls for replacement of the chairperson and suspension of task force activities until the council details its go-forward charge and reporting directives.

The Democrats have chosen to defend the insult instead of taking control of EDIT, which should not continue until the council defines clear and precise directives on its scope and procedures, and appoints new leadership and membership that will transparently promote conversation from all beliefs and causes. Inclusion cannot result from exclusion.

Town Council Republicans:

Carl A Massaro Jr. R-3rd District

Lori Rosasco-Schwartz R-3rd

Tony Scinto R-2nd

Steve Lemoine R-4th

Donna Seidell R-1