Letter — Democrats’ budget is a house of cards

To the editor:

The Democrat-approved budget is a house of cards and Trumbull taxpayers will have to pay the piper.

Total 2021-22 budget expenses increased by $5.5 million. The town received $5 million of stimulus funds that covers all but $500,000 of expense, so we wouldn’t expect much of a tax increase. Instead, the Democrats are raising taxes by 2 percent.

Contrary to the first selectman’s inaccurate statement, there is no loss of revenue to cover because total revenues are flat with last year. Worse, the town is projecting a surplus this year and is still raising taxes by 2 percent.

Why? Because this year, to plug their budget shortfall, the administration pulled $2.8 million from the town savings account to tout a zero-tax increase. That now must be paid back. Then, they are using $5 million of stimulus funds to cover coming year expenses. The cycle will continue the following year with the receipt of the second $5 million installment of stimulus funds.

When the stimulus funding runs out, taxpayers will be handed the bill to dig out of the $10 million hole. Be prepared for a large tax increase or significant expense/services cuts because the Grand List hasn’t grown over the past four years to soften the blow.

The Democrats also shorted the Board of Education program expense budget request by $886,000, and $1.5 million overall. Then they cut $94,500 more. They claim that $217,000 in utility credits, a projected surplus in this year’s budget and $850,000 in stimulus fully funds the school request. This is untrue. All of these items are one-time and won’t be available to fund(the 2022-23) budget, creating yet another hole for taxpayers. The stimulus funds are to be used to support student academic and social/ emotional needs post COVID.

Watch your wallets, the Democrats’ house of cards is teetering and will soon collapse!

Trumbull Town Council and Board of Finance Republicans

Carl Massaro, R-3, Minority Leader

Lori Rosasco-Schwartz, R-3, Deputy Minority Leader

Donna Seidell, R-1

Tony Scinto, R-2

Steve Lemoine, R-4

Elaine Hammers, Board of Finance

Steve Choi, Board of Finance