Letter - Democrats angry, anti-America

To the editor;

My name is Olivia Moreno, I’m 22 years old. In 2016 I graduated from Trumbull High School and earned my bachelor’s degree from Southern CT State University in 2020.

I have always considered 2016 a big year for me. First, graduating high school and entering the real world. Second, I was eligible to vote in my first ever election. To my shock, 2016 was the biggest year yet for presidential elections as we had two very big, important individuals running for the position; Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I never witnessed such an uproar between the parties than in 2016 and it captured my attention as I got ready to cast my first vote. I needed to pay close attention to each candidate’s values and what they would bring to the table; what changes they thought our nation needed.

Listening to both sides, there wasn’t a party I could say I wanted to be a part of. I gravitated to the person not the party and in the end, I registered as an unaffiliated. On election day, I witnessed an altercation between a man and a woman over who was voting for who and why. The man, a Clinton supporter, was very angered by the woman supporting Trump and proceeded to call her names. Not the best first impression of the Democrats.

During President Trump’s time in office, I concluded that I could never be a Democrat. They are not a party that represents me. I disagree with their agendas, they are angry and worse yet, they are anti-America; the America I know and love.

Once that was decided, I drove myself to Town Hall and changed my political affiliation to Republican. This is a party that supports my values, my beliefs and more importantly, it supports America.

I am a Republican because, it’s about common sense. I am a Republican because I love America and want to see us all succeed. I am a Republican because the party allows me to be me; to feel free, supported, loved, respected and independent in my choices.

It’s why I support David Rutigliano and Laura Devlin. I want representation that makes me feel like I matter. Not a party agenda or a narrative, me. My voice, my values, my family and my future. Please stand with me as I vote for David Rutgliano and Laura Devlin on Nov. 3. They represent us; the people of Trumbull.

Olivia Moreno