Letter - Council meeting was a shameful performance

To the editor:

In a severe admonition to the public on April 5, council Chair Dawn Cantafio set back our right as residents to speak publicly to our town council. The chair endeavored to restrict our freedom of speech on resolutions regarding the EDIT task force.

When resident’s voices are stifled, video calls are muted, and reprimands are arbitrarily tossed about, the resulting overreach and bias could not be clearer. My tax dollars pay for the town technology used to conduct council meetings, and I am entitled to be heard, unfiltered and without interruption.

Public comment at town meetings is our opportunity to speak and engage in the discourse on council resolutions. It is not for partisan political bias. Yet, the chair demonstrated hypocrisy through repeated attempts to silence voters through her overreaching instructions.

Resolution TC28-171, -172, and -173 opened the door for public comment on any part and/or parcel of the EDIT task force. The majority sought to reaffirm a previous council resolution, thus allowing residents to speak to the uproar caused by the current task force chair.

One resolution sought to provide the community with the opportunity to catch our collective breath and reassess the best way forward, to be proactive rather than reactive to best serve our town. The result? No change in the status quo.

Are we better off this week than we were last? I believe we are worse off for the heavy-handed tactic of the chair. Last Monday’s performance was shameful and a sad one for Trumbull, free speech, and civil discourse. We must grow better together.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republican Town Committee