Letter — Council delivered ‘incredible step forward’

To the editor:

Last Thursday evening, the Town Council proudly passed a resolution forming Trumbull's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force. The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion task force is designed to enrich our community by promoting a welcoming and diverse Trumbull and will focus on the very important work of advancing Trumbull’s efforts to promote a culture of inclusion. The people in our town played a critical part in this moment and embody the very diversity the task force intends to amplify. This task force may be a town council resolution, but the effort to form this task force is community driven.

We live in a world where diversity and inclusion should be celebrated - this committee is being put in place to ensure that we are in fact celebrating those things here in Trumbull. This is not a committee designed to point fingers at any department or organization. It is here to make recommendations as to how we can improve on the wonderful community we have.

We firmly believe with the right group of committed individuals - young adults, parents, seniors, people of color, Caucasians, LGBTQ+ individuals - this committee will be a strong and vital body in our town.

We have seen successful models in surrounding communities, as well as at universities and corporations, that have gone on to not only make recommendations but to partner with town departments on community programming like essay contests, book clubs, trainings, art shows, and more.

It is our expectation that the task force will take the next 3-6 months to do a scan of the town’s activities, make strategic recommendations to the town council, departments, boards and commissions, and look at implementing community programming to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the committee is formed, populated, and gets to work, their engagement with the council, town staff, and community will be vital.

This isn't politics, this is humanity yearning for their diversity to be celebrated and not tolerated. Of course, the world stage is at our door in light of recent events. Let’s stop asking why now? And start asking what now? Actions speak louder than words, and this week, the town council delivered, through action, a committee that will continue to enhance the Trumbull we know and love. This committee may be long overdue but it's an incredible step forward in Trumbull.

Joy Colon, D4

Ashley Gaudiano, D4

Trumbull Town Council