To the editor:

Come see what I see when I go to work. If you could, it would certainly change your mind about opening Trumbull right now.

But you can’t come to see it right now. You can’t come to see your 21-year-old son who was supposed to graduate from college this year and, is still on the ventilator for the fourth week.

You can’t come to see a mother of three children who will die alone, without family by her side, because no visitors are allowed. You can’t come to see how crowded and packed to the brim the hospital is with people who are sick and scared.

You can’t come to see my colleagues and me, who are working day and night to save your family members. The same health care providers are fearful of infecting their own families each time they return home from work.

All of these things are happening just 15 minutes down the road. It is real. If we choose to ignore it, it will only get worse and certainly won’t go away.

I wish you could come and see what Covid-19 is doing to our town, our sons, mothers and fathers and health care providers. Please stay home and stay safe. The sooner that we stay home, the sooner that we can all get back to normal. But we need to do this together. We need to be patient.

Maria Strong

physician assistant