Letter — Cancel culture alive and well in Trumbull

To the editor:

During the public comment portion of the April 5 town council meeting, I attempted to speak in support of resolution TC28-173 that proposed the replacement of the EDIT chairperson.

My comments focused on the offensive remarks made by the current EDIT chair, equating the Blue Lives Matter flag with the Confederate flag, disparaging not only the law enforcement community, but those who support them.

I simply attempted to express my opinion about the inappropriateness of these comments, particularly coming from the leader of a task force intended to promote unity and inclusiveness. The comments show a clear bias and lack of open mindedness which go squarely against the task force’s purpose.

During my statement, the town council chair, Dawn Cantafio, abruptly interrupted me and muted my microphone, demanding that I only to speak to an agenda item. I indicated that my comments speak directly to the EDIT resolution, appointment of a new taskforce chair, and attempted to continue with my remarks citing the reasons that the EDIT chair should be replaced. For a second time, Mrs. Cantafio abruptly cut me off and muted my microphone.

Ironically, subsequent to censoring my remarks, she allowed comments from a lineup of speakers supporting the taskforce chair, many of whom cited offensive comments made about her on social media.

It is clear by Mrs. Cantafio’s actions that the town Democratic leadership believe that cancel culture is acceptable, silencing only those voices that do not fit their narrative. This type of divisiveness is not acceptable. I urge the residents of Trumbull to send a clear message to this leadership — we don’t accept this type of censorship and in November will vote new leaders into office that will actually listen to and represent the people who they serve.

Stuart Schwartz, District 3

Trumbull Republican Town Committee