Letter —Building Department is more than just permits

To the editor:

“It is awesome that the IRS wants to chat with me,” said no one ever, because no one is a fan of people looking into their personal business. For these reasons, I haven’t seen any gushing editorials about the Trumbull Building Department.

We all think that we know “good enough” but the plain truth is that building codes are updated constantly to address issues that we do not have time to understand. And even while carrying the burden of being the “bad guy” the people in our building department really care about what you are trying to accomplish.

Without too much detail, we had a project that ran late (no surprise) and missed our scheduled inspection with the building department on Friday morning. Rescheduling would have set us back several days.

I stopped by the building department Friday afternoon and explained my situation. I was admittedly not optimistic. Laura picked up the phone and said, “Let’s take a chance and call.”

After a brief conversation, she hung up the phone and said that I was in luck and that Michael DeVore was in the area and would make time to stop by my house as soon as he could. Long story short, Michael met with my contractor that Friday and we were all set to continue the project over the weekend. We are lucky to have a building department in our town that understands both sides of the equation and is willing to help the home owner complete projects and stay within the bounds of regulations.

Dean Fabrizio