Letter - Budget is a sound path forward

To the editor:

The recent letter written by the Trumbull Republicans regarding the budget is, at best, a contrarian view of the leadership and decisions of the current administration. It lacks true understanding of budgeting and accounting fundamentals, and offers absolutely no substantive ideas of an alternative approach.

Last year when the pandemic struck, the Tesoro administration was faced with twin challenges: 1) Funding the education budget in light of the dire financial projections, and 2) Not increasing property taxes at a very difficult time for our taxpayers. Trumbull Democrats accomplished both, and this is why the Board of Finance made the decision to use $2.8 million from the “rainy day” fund. A pandemic certainly meets the definition of a “rainy day.”

We were determined not to let the schools suffer for the mistakes of the past. In the last two budgets, more than $6 million in additional funding is allocated to the Board of Education so that our public schools remain outstanding and every student is offered the best educational opportunity Trumbull can reasonably afford to provide.

The budget passed by the Town Council is a sound path forward for Trumbull today and for the future. The use of the federal pandemic stimulus funds allows the town to keep the tax increase under 2%, which is in line with inflation, while maintaining a strong “rainy day” fund. It is no surprise that the bond rating agencies last week reaffirmed Trumbull’s strong AA+ bond rating and cited the town’s strong fiscal practices. We believe that Trumbull is better served when everyone, regardless of party, works together to find the best solutions, and we urge our Republican colleagues to join us in this effort.

Tom Kelly, chairman

Democratic Town Committee