To the editor:

I was very disappointed and a bit angered by Mark Block’s letter in the Trumbull Times concerning the administration’s seeming lack of regard for a Memorial Day ceremony or recognition.

Given the COVID situation and the state’s mandates regarding the size of gatherings for whatever reason, the commanders of the Trumbull American Legion, Trumbull Veterans of Foreign Wars and the first selectwoman agreed to conduct respectful ceremonies and wreath-laying at both the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Park and the Town Hall Green on Memorial Day morning.

We purposely did not advertise these ceremonies because we did not want to attract a large group of people and potentially cause a spread of the virus.

In response to an email from Mr. Block to First Selectwoman Vicki Tesoro, in which he essentially said what he wrote to the Trumbull Times, I called Mr. Block and told him what was being planned and why. I assured him that respectful services would be held at both locations and why we weren’t advertising it. He said he understood and would not make anymore of the matter. So much for his word.

No one was more disappointed by the circumstances that prevented us from having a town-wide, public recognition of the men and women who gave their lives in the service of their country than the members of the American Legion, VFW and all the WW II, Korean, Vietnam, Gulf War and Iraq/ Afghanistan veterans in our community, but we understood the reasons for it and we accepted it.

Mr. Block knew better and decided to take a cheap shot at Mrs. Tesoro anyway and he should be ashamed of himself.

Raymond G. Baldwin Jr.

USMC Vietnam Veteran

American Legion & VFW Member